Study Trip SEACS Majapahit Empire Tour

Majapahit Empire Tour

Study Trip SEACS Majapahit Empire Tour

​L​ed by John Miksic, 5-10 August 2014

Dear SEACS Members
John Miksic has organised an exciting five-day tour of east Java following in the footsteps of the Majapahit Empire especially for SEACS members.

Between 1294 and 1350, Majapahit became the largest empire ever seen in Southeast Asia, claiming vassals from Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula all the way to the Moluccas.   The empire’s capital lay at Trowulan, in east Java.  During the tour, we will visit the remains of the capital, including a large site museum where important works of art are exhibited. We will also visit some of the kingdom’s most important temples near Malang, several of which have beautiful relief carvings.

This rare opportunity to visit Majapahit sites with one of the world’s experts on the Majapahit Empire is limited to ​15​-20 participants.

Please find the trip’s detailed itinerary here!

Do check your calendars and mark the dates. You can record your interest by emailing ​, Please cc ​Marjorie Chu at​.sg, ​and​ Ingrid Hanson at​