Ceramic Stories

One of the joys of collecting ceramics are the stories behind the pieces we have in our collections. Many of the stories you are about to read are from real collectors, the majority of whom are members of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, who have shared here the motivation or emotion–or knowledge gained or lessons learned–from a ceramic in their collection. Other stories are from folk tales or other literary sources where potters or ceramics have played a key role. We hope you will enjoy these stories, and do let us know if you’d like to add your own….

A Sukhothai Waster


A letter of enquiry regarding a collector's suspected Sukhothai ceramic elicits our expert member's advice

A Sukhothai Waster2024-01-27T14:37:09+08:00

Four Scholars feature on a late Qing Dynasty Famille Rose bowl


SEACS former president Alvin Chia shares with members a late Qing Dynasty Famille Rose bowl that features four well-known Chinese scholars/literati: Wang Xizhi, Si Maguang, Tao Yuanming, and Zhu Geliang.

Four Scholars feature on a late Qing Dynasty Famille Rose bowl2023-11-30T09:54:16+08:00

Egg-shell Ceramics


The story of how a classic shipwreck Sukhothai fish platter became part of an English artist's life story.

Egg-shell Ceramics2023-08-02T08:43:03+08:00

Identifying Marco Polo and Shufu Ceramics


Confused by the terms 'Marco Polo ware' or 'Shufu', here's an introduction to these two members of the qingbai family, and some guidelines that will help in the identification of each.

Identifying Marco Polo and Shufu Ceramics2022-10-27T16:53:44+08:00

Water Pots


Surahi or goglet, water pots were--and perhaps still are in some regions--part of life in Asia. This member recalls their popularity and tries to trace their many shapes and origins.

Water Pots2022-07-29T10:31:33+08:00

A ‘Kunlun’ Slave: An Unusual Mingqi Figurine


Slaves were part of tribute and trade goods in China during the Song and were even depicted in pottery figurines: 崑仑 奴 [kūnlúnnú] or “Kun-lun slave”.

A ‘Kunlun’ Slave: An Unusual Mingqi Figurine2022-05-31T15:40:05+08:00

A 1921 Account of a Local Burmese Pottery


A collector's interest is piqued when he discovers an 1897 reprint of a late 19th century book on Burma written by George Bird.

A 1921 Account of a Local Burmese Pottery2022-06-01T16:42:44+08:00
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