The Annual William Willets Lecture

The William Willetts Lecture was established at the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society’s 135th council meeting when the council unanimously agreed to name the lecture which follows the AGM ‘The William Willetts Lecture’ in memory of its founder, Mr William Willetts, who passed away on 30 January 1995 at the age of 76. This lecture has been held annually every year since its launch with the exception of 2020. (Photo courtesy of SEACS member Ng Seng Leong, 1967/68)




18 February, 2023

Professor Peter Lam

“Kitchen Ch’ing Porcelain made in Hong Kong”

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26 March, 2022

Dr. Michael Flecker

“Historical Shipwrecks in Singapore Waters: An Intimate Glance at their Ceramic Cargoes”

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20 March, 2021

Dr. Rose Kerr

“Yaozhou Ceramics”


Cancelled due to Covid-19

16 March, 2019

Dr. Peter Borschberg

5 April, 2017

Dr. John Miksic

To download a fascinating article written in 1972 on “The Status of the Study of Ceramic Wares in Southeast Asia” by Cheng Te-K’un, click here. Compare where we are today!

16 March, 2016

Dr. Wang Gungwu

“By Land or by Sea: Ceramics and Silk”

21 April, 2015

Dr. Stacey Pierson

“What Makes a Masterpiece? The Five Classic Wares of the Song (ru, guan, ge, ding, jun) and their Histories”

6 April, 2014

Dr. Kenson Kwok

“Peranakan Material Culture: How Peranakan is It?”

1 February, 2013

Dr. Dawn Rooney

“The Life and Work of the Society’s Founder: William Willetts”

18 April, 2011

Ms. Natalie Ong & Mr. Alvin Chia, with an opening address by Dr. John Miksic

20 March, 2010

Rose Kerr

“Chinese Export Ceramics for the Southeast Asian Market”

7 May, 2008

Dr. John Miksic

“Strange Discoveries: Mysterious Artefacts in Singapore”

26 April, 2006

Dr. Wang Gungwu

“Tribute and Trade: The Ming Dynasty”

1 April, 2005

Dr. Heidi Tan

“New Insights on Rare Vietnamese Ceramics in the ACM Collection”

25 March, 2004

Mr. Kwa Chong Guan

“The Indianization of Southeast Asia”

28 March, 2003

Dr. Kenson Kwok

“Blanc de Chine: The Hickley Collection”

4 April, 2002

Mr. Anthony Lin

“The Imperial Porcelains of the Kangxi Era”

28 April, 2000

Dr. Jean Martin

7 May, 1999

Mr. Christopher Frape

“The Jade Culture of Ancient Vietnam”

21 March, 1997

Mr. Nigel Wood

“Ceramic Revelations: Fifteen Years of Discovery in Chinese Ceramics”

3 May, 1996

Mrs. Sumarah Adhyatman

“Trade beads found in Indonesia”

Click here for a pdf of the paper she presented.