Please note that many of the following publications are out of print and the Society only has reference copies that are not for sale. These publications are available for reference at 82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229684, on Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, except public holidays.

However, a good number of our titles are digitised and available at the links listed below. And a few of the out-of-print titles are still available in very small quantities. If available for purchase, there is a link to an order form.

The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society (1969-2019)

The story of a society and its members in commemoration of its 50th anniversary

by Patricia Bjaaland Welch (President 2016-2019)

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 2019
296 pages, 16 colour illustrations
Soft cover, 229mm x 153mm (portrait)
Publication date: October 2019
ISBN 978-981-14-2675-9

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An Angkor Roundabout

Being a Five-Day Tour of the Main Monuments at Angkor in Cambodia described in the Order in which they were Built

by William Willetts and edited by Kwa Chong Guan and Dawn F. Rooney

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 2017
150 pp; B&W plates

Link to digitised book

Southeast Asian Ceramics: New Light on Old Pottery

edited by John N. Miksic

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 2009176 pages, with 225 colour illustrations
Publication date: 7 November 2009
ISBN 978-981-4260-13-8

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Ceramics in Scholarly Taste

Catalogue by Maura Rinaldi
Introduction essay by Eng-Lee Seok Chee

Published on the occasion of the Exhibition in 1993
Ceramics in Scholarly Taste

Jointly organised by the National Museum of Singapore and Southeast Asian Ceramic Society
ISBN 981 00 4395 3

Spirit of Han: Ceramics for the After-Life

Lu Yaw, Chi Yun Chen, Abu Ridho, Eng-Lee Seok Chee
Rosemary Scott, Candace J. Lewis, Chen Huasha

Edited by Aileen Lau; Published in 1991
ISBN 981 00 2961 6

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Song Ceramics

by Lu Yaw

Guest contributors:
Feng Xianming – Palace Museum, Peking
Mary Tregear – Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Illustrated catalogue of the Exhibition in 1983

Organised by Southeast Asian Ceramic Society and National Museum, Singapore
Published in 1983

Link to digitised book, with access rights, hosted at NLB’s portal

Vietnamese Ceramics

edited by Carol M. Young, Marie- France Dupoizat, Elizabeth W. Lane

Illustrated catalogue of exhibition in 1982
Southeast Asian Ceramic Society
National Museum Singapore
Published in 1982.

ISBN 0 19 582558 6

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Khmer Ceramics 9th – 14th Century

edited by Diana Stock

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 1981
140 pp; colour & BW plates
ISBN 9971-83-001-9
Link to digitised book, with access rights, hosted at NLB’s portal

Chinese Celadons and other Related Wares in Southeast Asia

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society & Arts Orientalis, 1979
312 pp, 294 colour plates

Link to digitised book, with access rights, hosted at NLB’s portal

Chinese Blue and White Ceramics

compiled by S.T. Yeo and Jean Martin

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society & Arts Orientalis, 1978
315 pp; over 230 colour plates

Link to digitised book, with access rights, hosted at NLB’s portal

Chinese White Wares

with an introduction by G.S. Cook, a note on ‘Marco Polo’ by William Willetts, and descriptive notes by G.S. Cook, F. Hickley, and D.F.H. Sinclair

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 1973
370 pp; BW plates

Link to digitised book with access rights hosted at NLB’s portal

Ceramic Art of Southeast Asia

by William Willetts

Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, 1971 (reprinted 1973 and 1976)194 pp; colour and B&W plates.

Link to digitised book with access rights hosted at NLB’s portal

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Books Published by SEACS Members and Friends

Books either published (or gifted) by our members to our library. Access to the society’s reference copy of these publications is available to our members by appointment only. Please email us ( for more information.

Blanc de Chine: Porcelain from Dehua

By Rose Kerr and John Ayers
With contributions from Chui Mei Ho, Kenson Kwok, Eva Strober. Heidi Tan

Published in 2002
ISBN 981-3065-61-3

The Ming Gap and Shipwreck Ceramics in Southeast Asia: Towards a Chronology of Thai Trade Ware

By Roxanna Maude Brown

Published in 2009
ISBN 978-974-9863-77-0

Culture in Clay: Symbolism & Iconography in Chinese Ceramics

By Ng Seng Leong

Published in 2014
ISBN 978-981-09-0092-2

Art & Archaeology of Fu Nan

Edited by James C. M. Khoo
With essays by John N. Miksic, Vo Si Khia, Miriam T. Stark, Chong Guan Kwa, Ha Du Canh and James C. M. Khoo

Published in 2003
ISBN 974-524-035-4

Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery

By Patricia Bjaaland Welch

First published in 2008, paperback edition published 2010

ISBN 10: 0-8048-3864-X
ISBN 13: 978-08048-3864-1

Understanding Contemporary Southeast Asian Art

By Marjorie Chu

First published in 2003
ISBN 981-04-8575-1

Ceramics of Seduction: Glazed Wares of Southeast Asia

By Dawn Rooney

First published in 2013
ISBN 978-616-7339-39-9

Kraak Porcelain: A Moment in the History of Trade

By Maura Rinaldi

First published in 1989
ISBN 1-870076-09-5

A History of the Thai Chinese

By Jeffery Sng and Pimpraphai Bisalputra

First published in 2015
ISBN 978-981-4385-77-0

Ancient Southeast Asia

By John N. Miksic and Geok Yian Goh

First published in 2016
ISBN 978-415-73554-4

The Pleasures and Pains of Collecting: Malcolm J. MacDonald

Edited by Alexander Nicholas Shaw

164 pages plus photographs

Durham University, 2018
ISBN 978-1-5272-3198-6

Vietnamese Ceramics from the Yi-Lu Collection

By Dick Richards & T.S. Loh

With an essay by Karry Nguyen-Long

Published in 2016
ISBN 978-981- 11-1424- 3

Dialogue with the Ancients:

100 Bronzes of the Shang, Zhou, and Han Dynasties – The Shen Zhai Collection

Edited by Patrick K. M. Kwok, with essays by Tianlong Jiao, Wang Tao, Eugene Y. Wang, Li Feng, Allison R. Miller, and Sarah Wong

Published in 2018
ISBN 978-981-11-7534-3

Thai Silver and Nielloware

By Paul Bromberg

Published in 2019
ISBN: 978-6164510142

A Dictionary of Chinese Ceramics

By Wang Qingzheng

Published in 1989
Shanghai, China
ISBN 981-04-6023-6 (hard cover)

Thai Ceramic Art: The Three Religions

By Nicol Guerin and Dick van Oenen

Published in 2005
ISBN 981-05-0736-4