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Talk and Guided Tour of the Angkor Exhibition at the ACM

SEACS members are invited to join a talk on the Extraordinary Legacy of Angkor and a guided tour of the new Angkor exhibition at the ACM.

3-4pm, Sunday, 20 May 2018
A talk open to the general public on The Extraordinary Legacy of Angkor
The Ngee Ann Auditorium (basement level)
Asian Civilisations Museum,
1 Empress Place

4-5pm, Sunday, 20 May 2018
Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City
A guided tour of this special exhibition by Dr. Vidya Schalk for SEACS members and their guests only
Meet in the Special Exhibition Gallery
Asian Civilisations Museum,
1 Empress Place


More than a thousand years ago, Angkor was perhaps the largest pre-industrial city in the world, with an elaborate aquatic infrastructure system of 1,000 square kilometres housing up to one million people. The Khmer empire centred in Angkor would dominate for another 500 years. The crowning glory was its magnificent temple complex of Angkor Wat. Perhaps no other temple in the history of mankind has captured the imagination of the people around the world as has Angkor Wat. But Angkor Wat is just one of the many magnificent temple complexes in Angkor.
– – – –
Dr. Vidya Schalk is a research scientist, author and speaker. Prior to moving to Singapore, she was a cancer biology researcher at Oregon State University. As a museum docent in several world-class museums in Singapore including the Asian Civilizations Museum, National Gallery, National Museum and STPI, she finds great pleasure in learning, teaching and sharing her enthusiasm for science, history and art with a wide range of audiences from all walks of life. Vidya is the current Head of Research and Docent Training for special exhibitions at the Asian Civilisations Museum including the current exhibition on Angkor.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The talk will begin promptly at 3pm and is open to the public. The guided tour, which begins at approximately 4pm, is limited to SEACS members and their guests only. Space is limited and you must RSVP with the names of all proposed attendees to: seacs.secretary@gmail.com. Participation will be confirmed by return email to a maximum of 30 participants. Please note that there is an admission charge for this special exhibition. Parking is available at the National Gallery carpark. The closest MRT station is Raffles Place.