SEACS E-Museum Launch

SEACS E-Museum Launched 1st Dec 2011 relocated to main website 1 June 2020

emuseum 1
Ice sculpture featuring ceramic sherds from Kensoon Gallery
emuseum 2
Faizal on the guzheng
emuseum 3
SEACS President Alvin Chia (at right) with Ms. Elaine Ng, CEO of NLB, and Prof. Wang Gungwu
emuseum 4
Pre-launch discussions with (from left) Marjorie Chu, Prof. Wang Gungwu, Dr. Leedom Lefferts from the Smithsonian, and Prof. John Miksic

The Society held a launch of its E-Museum of Southeast Asian Ceramics, at the POD, on the 16th level of the National Library of Singapore, on 1st Dec 2011. The Guest of Honour was Prof. John Miksic, Singapore’s foremost and most renowned archaeologist.

It was a lovely evening in a remarkable venue which provided a stunning view of the city, accompanied by exquisite music as well as delectable hors d’oeuvres and wine to whet the appetite of the attendees, all organised by Vice-President, Marjorie Chu.

The launch started at 7.30pm with an introduction to the E-Museum by President, Alvin Chia, who talked about the Society’s motivations and aims for the project, as well as the features that are currently available.

emuseum 5
President Alvin Chia giving his speech to a rapt audience
emuseum 6
Prof. John Miksic talking about technology and how it affects culture

Next, our Guest of Honour, Prof. John Miksic suggested many avenues for international collaboration, such as with Cambodian archaeologists and the discoveries of the Phnom Kulen sites (sponsored by SEACS with funds from Lee Foundation), with Myanmar or Indonesia (former SEACS President’s AP Rajah’s Collection), as well as with Dr. Leedom Lefferts and curator Louise Cort of the Smithsonian on their ethnological research on pottery making in Thailand.

Prof. Miksic added that, locally, partnerships could be made with the NUS Museum to resume a relationship with an institution of higher learning which was at the root of the Society’s founding 40 years earlier.

Ten years later, in celebration of the society’s 50th anniversary in 2019, the e-museum was incorporated into our newly upgraded and expanded website.

emuseum 7
President Alvin Chia presenting Prof. John Miksic with his gift, with Ms. Ingrid Hanson, the MC for the evening, assisting
emuseum 8
Alvin presenting Ms. Elaine Ng of NLB with SEACS’ last publication, “Southeast Asian Ceramics: New Light on Old Pottery”
emuseum 9
E-Museum launch
emuseum 10
Alvin with staff and members of NLB and NHB