Qing Porcelain in China and the World:
SOAS Study Day 16 October 2014

Study Day
Qing Porcelain in China and the World
10:15am – 4:00pm, 16 October 2014
SOAS – B202 – Brunei Gallery

This study day follows last year’s successful event which focused on the latest research in world ceramics. This year, we will focus on China once more, taking a closer look at developments in Qing ceramic studies. This will include both domestic and export wares, with prominent and upcoming specialists in the field presenting their current research. The study day thus presents a unique opportunity to consider a period of Chinese ceramics that has been the subject of much attention in the commercial world recently but less so in scholarship.

Scheduled Speakers
Yu Pei-chin
Shih Ching-fei
Nicole Chiang
Helen Glaister
Stacey Pierson
Nixi Cura (convenor)

This Study Day was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Sir Percival David Foundation Trust.