Opening the Microscopic World of Porcelain:

Trace Model Research and Authentication of Yuan Underglaze Blue

with Matthew Bunney

Based upon the first two books in the Ceramics Trace Model Study Series, Survey of Ceramics Trace Model Study and Trace Model Research and Authentication: Yuan Dynasty Underglaze Blue Porcelain, this lecture looked into the application of microscopic research within Chinese Ceramics.

Using 500x digital magnification, the research team at Guangzhou Oriental Museum has put forth a new scientific field of research that focuses on the quantitative change and passage of time principles that govern the weathering of ancient ceramics. With sample selection extending from Jingdezhen to Inner Mongolia within China, and from Iran to the U.S. internationally, they have pulled together a sizeable database of ceramic trace samples that are used as the comparative DNA in scientific research and authentication of Chinese Porcelain.

About the Speaker:

The speaker, Matthew Bunney, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Oriental Museum, has led a four year focus on the discovery and analyses of Yuan Dynasty Underglaze Blue Porcelain traces. He also pioneered a new technique of three-dimensional micro-imaging which opened a new world of ceramic observation and understanding, and is working to improve the field of ceramic authentication. Come and enjoy an evening of discovery and education on this interesting new field of scientific research, and be part of the first public audience in Asia to see the Microscopic World of Chinese Ceramics opened for all to enjoy.

Matthew Bunney moved to China in 2007 and currently heads International Research in the Oriental Ceramics Trace Model Material Evidence Research Center where he patented the first three-dimensional micro imaging technique of ceramic glaze. He is also an advisor to the Guangdont Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Panyu Museum, Yuexiu Museum, and The Thirteen Factories Museum in Guangzhou.

7pm, 12 May 2014

Level 1, Visitor’s Briefing Room

National Library of Singapore