News: Digitisation of SEACS publications by NLB

On the 18th October 2012, a former President of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, Ms. Ingrid Hanson, met with the Director of the National Library Board of Singapore, Mr. Gene Tan, to sign an agreement regarding the digitisation of the Society’s publications, most of them out of print.
An announcement will be made when the digitised books are ready to be linked to. Be sure to look out for it!

The first batch of digitisation will include the following books:
•   William Willetts. 1971. Ceramic Art of Southeast Asia: Introduction and Descriptive Notes. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.

•   S.T. Yeo and Jean Martin. 1978. Chinese Blue & White Ceramics. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society & Arts Orientalis.

•   1979. Chinese Celadons and Other Related Wares in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society & Arts Orientalis.

•   Diana Stock (ed.). 1981. Khmer Ceramics 9th-14th Century. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.

•   Carol M. Young, Marie-France Dupoizat and Elizabeth Lane (eds.). 1982. Vietnamese Ceramics. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, Oxford University Press.

•   Lu Yaw, Feng Xianming and Mary Tregear. 1983. Song Ceramics. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.

•   Eileen Lau (ed.). 1991. Spirit of Han: Ceramics for the Afterlife. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society and Sun Tree Publishing.

•   Maura Rinaldi. 1993. Ceramics in Scholarly Taste. Singapore: Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.

•   James C.M. Khoo (ed.). 2003. Art & Archaeology of Funan: Pre-Khmer Kingdom of the Lower Mekong Valley. Bangkok: Orchid Press.

•   John Miksic (ed.). 2003. Earthenware in Southeast Asia. Organised by Asian Civilisations Museum, Southeast Asian Ceramic Society and the Southeast Asian Studies Programme of National University of Singapore. Papers presented during Singapore Symposium on Pre-Modern Southeast Asian Earthenware, 9-11 July 1998. Singapore: Singapore University Press.

SEACS publications to be digitised