Members’ Sharing Session

7 pm, Wednesday, 29 July 2020

by ZOOM – details will be sent to all members prior to the event

About the Program

Continuing on the theme of our first sharing session on 24 June (see synopsis here), we invite you to share one or two of your favourite ceramics from your own collection to expand our understanding of ‘ceramics of scholarly taste’. Which item or items in your own collection do you think reflect qualities that would today be appreciated by those discerning scholars of the past? Your selection need not be Chinese nor antique. Are there Southeast Asian ceramics that would qualify? Show us the piece, and tell us the story of why you selected it. Let’s find out….

How to Register to be one of the Speakers

If you’d like to join us as one of the evening’s presenters, please drop a note to with a photograph of your piece (or pieces) that we will share on screen (photographs show sharper details), but do feel free to hold your selection ‘live’  in front of the camera during your talk as well. Each speaker’s talk should be 4-7 minutes total. Deadline for submission of participation is 12 July. Spaces are limited so reserve your place now!