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Examining Kraak Porcelain

with Maura Rinaldi

What should one look for on a Kraak piece in order to date it correctly? Any one of the following elements can be taken into account: shape, motif, glaze, shade of blue, quality, underside decoration, and so forth.

The study of wares recovered in recent years from dated shipwreck cargoes provides a wealth of information of useful clues, consequently we can now be far more accurate in dating Kraak porcelain than we were only twenty years ago. The speaker presented and analyzed, comparatively, the most important archeological finds of the last two decades that help us define and date Kraak ceramics more accurately today.

In addition to clarifying how we can identify and date Kraak wares, the world’s leading authority on Kraak showed her audience what makes collecting Kraak such a delight for collectors and ceramic amateurs alike.

About the Speaker: Maura Rinaldi
Maura Rinaldi is an independent scholar, international lecturer and author of several publications including Kraak Porcelain, A Moment in the History of Trade; The Ceramic Cargo of the Concepcion Wrecked in 1638 and the catalogue of the exhibition Ceramics in Scholarly Taste that she also curated. A former Vice President of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society for many years, Ms Rinaldi now resides in Rome, Italy.

7pm, Wednesday, 7 November 2012

82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229684