Visiting Hong Kong? The Hong Kong Museum of Art is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Jiajing Emperor (1507-1567) with an exhibition that includes the ceramics of his period. Jiajing was a devout Daoist, and many of the ceramics produced during this period were influenced by Daoism, featuring auspicious designs ranging from the character for longevity (壽) to the eight triagrams. “The average number of porcelain items made to fulfil imperial orders increased significantly from over four thousand in the early years to more than thirty thousand. A total of nearly six hundred thousand ceramic pieces were produced during this period. The forms and patterns of these wares reflected the hopes and wishes of the Jiajing Emperor and mirrored the predicaments and uncertainties of reality at the time.” The museum is open M-F 10 am-6 PM, and Sat-Sun until 7 PM, and the exhibition, which opened on 19 December, will remain until 14 June  2023.