Exuberant Colours of Straits Chinese ceramics

Lecture: Exuberant Colours of Straits Chinese ceramics – a suggestion on their possible influence by Indonesian batik textiles by Peter Wee


Synopsis of discussion and demonstration

Baba Peter Wee, the doyen of Peranakan culture and owner of Katong Antique House will present a discourse on:

• History of Straits Chinese culture 

• Early export wares for the overseas Chinese & its gradual transformation to the colourful Straits Chinese ceramics we know today. 

• His unique theory on the origins of Nonya colours of Straits Chinese wares through his collection of Indonesian batik textiles.

SEACS has made an exclusive and privileged arrangement for Baba Peter to conduct his talk in his private room of rare collections, which is not normally shown to the public.


Profile of owner/speaker
Baba Peter Wee is a fourth generation Straits Chinese Baba Peranakan whose ancestry can be traced back to Malacca. His mother is the only daughter of Tan Cheng Kee, one of the sons of the famous philanthropist Tan Keong Saik, whose name has been immortalised on a street in Chinatown. Peter is the 1st vice –president of the Peranakan Association and is well known as a leading authority on Peranakan culture. He is an advisor to both the Peranakan Museum and the Baba House of NUS museums. An avid collector, Peter’s collection of ceramics, beaded shoes, antique sarongs and all things Nonya, spans over 40 years and is enviably one of the best collections on Peranakan culture in Singapore.