Champa Ceramics

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Champa (present-day central Vietnam) was once described as a maritime kingdom with a thriving trade in which ceramics became a significant commodity. The study of Champa ceramics enables us to gain a better understanding and awareness of Champa’s domestic economic network as well as its international trade relations. The Champa ceramics research program of Vietnamese archaeologists, particularly the Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies (IICS), has yielded numerous significant new findings and insights over the years. On the basis of recent research findings, this lecture will provide an overview of Champa ceramics, their production, distribution, and international export.

Our speaker, Do Truong Giang is well known to many SEACS members, having served as the honorary secretary of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society from 2013– 2014 as well as being a previous speaker for the Society, the Asia Research Institute, and the Asian Civilisations Museum.

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