Surprising Ceramic finds emerge from the Musi River

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The distribution of ancient Chinese ceramics made for export to other parts of Asia, the Middle East and as far as Europe, principally via the sea route through Southeast Asia, reveal many interesting facets. Large quantities of early Chinese ceramics from the Tang (618-907 CE), Song (960-1279 CE) and Yuan (1279-1368 CE) periods have been recovered from the Musi River by our speaker and a fellow collector over the years.

This talk will highlight the specimens recovered from the Musi River in Palembang, Sumatra; former capital of the Srivijaya empire from the 7th-11th century.  Since all the ceramics came from the riverbed of the Musi River without any kind of documentation, dating them pose a challenge. Our speaker, Steven Ho Kah Hong, will approach this by tracing shipwrecks with similar ceramic cargo that have been studied and comparing the Musi River ceramics with documented shipwreck specimens.

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