Devotion & Desire: Cross-Cultural Art in Asia

A curatorial tour led by Clement Onn

When cultures come together, distinctive works of art are created. This exhibition revealed new directions for the Asian Civilizations Museum, which has recently focused on building understanding of the diverse cultures of Asia. The objects reveal surprising connections between Asian cultures, and between Asia and the wider world. Cross-cultural works of art are powerful indicators that peoples of diverse cultures and faiths have lived together harmoniously for centuries throughout Asia. Themes of the exhibition include the importance of trade, transmission of religions, courtly art, and colonial networks. This was the first time that the public had the opportunity to see many of the recent acquisitions to the ACM collection ranging from Peranakan textiles and furniture to such ceramic pieces as Yuan Dynasty porcelain, Liao ware, a brush rest from Jingdezhen (Ming Dynasty), an elephant-shaped Hookah base from China (Wanli Period), plus several pieces from Central Asia (Iran, Iraq). This special exhibition closed 8 December 2013.

7 pm, Friday, 11 October 2013

Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, foyer