Ceramic Stories

One of the joys of collecting ceramics are the stories behind the pieces we have in our collections. Many of the stories you are about to read are from real collectors, the majority of whom are members of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, who have shared here the motivation or emotion–or knowledge gained or lessons learned–from a ceramic in their collection. Other stories are from folk tales or other literary sources where potters or ceramics have played a key role. We hope you will enjoy these stories, and do let us know if you’d like to add your own….

Tipu’s Tiger immortalised in Clay


The story begins in the 1790s in India where the 'honourable' East India Company was struggling to maintain control....

Tipu’s Tiger immortalised in Clay2022-05-31T12:25:33+08:00

English Heraldic Souvenir Ceramics


English heraldic souvenir ware is more commonly known as ‘crested china’ and during wartime many figurines took on personas to happily 'do their bit'!

English Heraldic Souvenir Ceramics2022-05-26T10:10:37+08:00

A Modern Kakiemon Tiger


A struggle to choose amongst the thousands of exquisite ceramics in Arita, Japan, results in the purchase of a Kakiemon tiger.

A Modern Kakiemon Tiger2022-05-26T10:20:39+08:00

My Tang Dynasty Court Lady: A Mingqi Figurine


Tang or a 19th or 20th-century reproduction? Follow a collector's story of her search for the answer of this Tang burial figurine purchased in Hong Kong in 2007.

My Tang Dynasty Court Lady: A Mingqi Figurine2022-05-31T14:19:36+08:00

A Tang Dynasty Changsha Bowl


The Singapore Asian Civilisation Museum's Tang shipwreck collection of Changsha bowls inspires a docent to start collecting.

A Tang Dynasty Changsha Bowl2022-06-01T17:00:44+08:00

Hunting the Bear: A Spode Journey


An intriguing find of a plate in an Australian auction depicting a bear hunt in an oriental setting unlocks The Blue Room, a locked space, in the Spode Museum.

Hunting the Bear: A Spode Journey2022-05-31T16:07:37+08:00

An 18C Shiwan ‘Laughing Buddha’


A london shopkeeper is talked into selling an 18th-century Shiwan Laughing Buddha after insisting it was a personal piece not for sale.

An 18C Shiwan ‘Laughing Buddha’2022-05-31T14:48:52+08:00

Why I Collect Contemporary Ceramics


A professional art dealer explains why she can admire antiquarian ceramics, but personally collects only contemporary ceramics

Why I Collect Contemporary Ceramics2022-02-04T16:48:04+08:00
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