One of the joys of collecting ceramics are the stories behind the pieces we have in our collections. Many of the stories you are about to read are from real collectors, the majority of whom are members of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, who have shared here the motivation or emotion–or knowledge gained or lessons learned–from a ceramic in their collection. Other stories are from folk tales or other literary sources where potters or ceramics have played a key role. We hope you will enjoy these stories, and do let us know if you’d like to add your own….

A Japanese Kabuki Play

A traditional Japanese kabuki play dazzles audiences with its story of how a potter invents a new glaze

English Heraldic Souvenir Ceramics

English heraldic souvenir ware is more commonly known as ‘crested china’ and during wartime many figurines took on personas to happily 'do their bit'!

In Pursuit of the Perfect Figure

There's more than one story behind this earthenware equestrian statue of Lord Raglan (1788-1855), a hero of the Crimean War of 1854....

A Modern Kakiemon Tiger

A struggle to choose amongst the thousands of exquisite ceramics in Arita, Japan, results in the purchase of a Kakiemon tiger.


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