28 April 2016 – Blue and White Chinese Ceramics at Auction

Blue and White Chinese Ceramics at Auction- Enduring Popularity and Record Prices

Blue and White Chinese Ceramics at Auction : Enduring Popularity and Record Prices

Talk by Susie Quek, SEACS Council member

7pm, Thursday, 28 April 2016
National Library
Visitors Briefing Room Level 1
100 Victoria Street
Singapore 188064

Chinese blue and white porcelain occupies a significant place of importance in world history. Not only a valuable commodity central to Chinese dynastic rule, it is one of the quintessential forms of Chinese art and culture. The international auction market for Chinese ceramics in the last few decades has seen extraordinary results, reflecting the lasting fascination and appeal of Chinese blue and white ceramics.

In this lecture, a very brief historical context of the Chinese blue and white ceramic market will be given. Following this, the speaker will examine over 40 selected examples of top blue and white ceramics sold at auction, from the Yuan dynasty to the republic period. Various factors integral to the commercial success of these pieces will be discussed, including age, quality of glaze, colour, form, decoration and provenance.

Born in Singapore and educated in Hong Kong, Canada and London, Susie started her career originally in advertising and has worked in the auction industry as a specialist in Chinese ceramics and works of art since 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honors degree in History from Mcgill University and a Masters degree in the Arts of China with Christie’s Education. Her main areas of interest and expertise are in Ming and Qing ceramics, as well as jade carvings and scholar’s objects.

This event is open to SEACS members and members of the public
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