A Maritime History of the Ancient Champa Kingdom

Lecture: Ports, Shipwrecks, and Ceramics: A Maritime History of the Ancient Champa Kingdom

by Do Truong Giang (Alex Giang)

7pm, Tuesday, 30 July 2013
82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229684

About the talk

Champa kingdom is largely known as a typical maritime polity in pre-modern Southeast Asia. Thanks to its strategic location between the Chinese market and the world of Southeast Asia and South Asia, the Champa coast became a frequent destination of foreign traders and merchant ships for centuries. Ceramics was among the most important commodities in trade between Champa and traders.

The talk will attempt to provide an overview of the economic activities that once took place in (and beyond) the ancient territory of Champa kingdom. We’ll examine three major topics, all interrelated: the evidence of ancient mercantile ports, the recent shipwrecks founded off the coast of Champa, and both Champa and foreign trade ceramics discovered in central Vietnam.

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About the Speaker
Do Truong Giang (aka Alex Giang) is currently a history PhD Student at National University of Singapore (NUS) and was a graduate fellow at Asia Research Institute (ARI) – NUS in 2009. He is now writing his Doctoral Dissertation, Reconstructing the history of Champa (9th-15th centuries CE). Apart from his PhD, Alex is also involved in two other research projects: Champa-Khmer Angkor Links project and Vietnam Maritime Archaeology project. At present, he is the Honorary Secretary of the Southeast Asian Ceramics Society (SEACS).