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Learn from the Experts: Vietnamese Ceramics

7pm Thursday, 21 June 2018
82 Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229684


SEACS has arranged an evening with Vietnamese ceramics expert T. S. Loh to help you identify, appreciate and understand Vietnamese ceramics. Vietnamese ceramics was the focus of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society’s sixth special exhibition in 1982 with a catalogue being published for that exhibition. Today given the number of shipwreck finds in the region carrying Vietnam’s beautiful export wares, our knowledge of Vietnamese ceramics has expanded exponentially. T. S. Loh published a book on Vietnamese ceramics from the Yi-Lu Collection in 2017 and will help us continue to learn more about these beautiful export ceramics.

T.S. Loh is a ceramics expert with extensive knowledge of Chinese and Southeast Asian ceramics, especially Vietnamese wares. He is also a long-time member of SEACS.

Mr. Loh will open the evening with some observations on the history and collecting of Vietnamese ceramics, and close the evening with a pot-handling session. Members are welcomed to bring along examples from their own collections to either share with members, or seek Mr. Loh’s and our other collector experts’ opinions.

SEACS members are also encouraged to bring along their friends, who might be interested in ceramics. New members can join on the spot and participate in the evening’s program.

This event is open to SEACS members and their friends. Please RSVP to seacs.secretary@gmail.com as space is limited. The program will begin at 7pm and end at approximately 9pm. Parking is very difficult along Cairnhill Road, and members are encouraged to come by public transport or taxi. The closest MRT station is Orchard or Newton, which is only a 10-minute walk away from this event venue.