10 Things to Know About Chinese Ceramics

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Lecture: 10 Things to Know About Chinese Ceramics by Ingrid Hanson

Discover the mystery and beauty of Asian overglaze ceramics in this pot clinic, one of SEACS’ most popular events, organised by Pauline Ong.

7pm, Thursday, 23 May 2013
82 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229684

“Ceramics” is an umbrella term for objects made of clay, stoneware or porcelain stone. Other words for ceramics are “pottery” or “china” because the earliest hard-fired vessels came from China. For millennia, every aspect of human life has had a ceramic component — from simple drinking cups to priceless treasures.

If you have ever been curious about Chinese Ceramics but were too intimidated by the vast amount of information available, this is the perfect place for you to grasp the basics.

SEACS President Ingrid Hanson will present essential facts on the origin, purpose, making and function of Chinese ceramics, facts that every museum aficionado would want to know:

1 What are Chinese ceramics?
2 Who made them?
3 What was the purpose of Chinese ceramics?
4 When were they made?
5 Where were Chinese ceramics made?
6 What are the themes in the five significant ceramic dynasties?
7 How were Chinese ceramics made?
8 Why are Chinese ceramics important:
9 What makes Chinese ceramics valuable?
10 How are Chinese ceramics appreciated?
Don’t miss this opportunity!
About the Speaker
Ingrid Hanson Ingrid Hanson has an MA in History of Art and Archaeology from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. Her earlier degrees in International Management and Journalism from Baylor took her to Hong Kong 30 years ago as a postgraduate fellow to the then Baptist College in Kowloon. Ingrid has spent over 20 years fundraising, volunteering and event organizing for arts and cultural organizations, and serving as a docent at SAM and SHM. She is currently President of the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.