The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society (SEACS) is proud to present to you its latest endeavour:
the E-Museum of Southeast Asian Ceramics!

Our E-Museum launches on 1st December 2011 at 7pm, the POD, National Library Board of Singapore

The famous French author André Malraux spoke about a “museum without walls”, and it is appropriate that this descriptive reference becomes a harbinger of a new form of repository of knowledge, the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society’s (SEACS) new E-Museum.
This electronic museum is a veritable mine of past and current knowledge of Southeast Asian ceramics, extended and enhanced by information, photographs, and links to various resources. We hope it will bestow on those who wish to scour the ancient past the ability to know more about Southeast Asian ceramics and allied subjects.

Our Guest of Honour is none other than Prof. John Miksic, editor of our 2009 publication Southeast Asian Ceramics: New Light on Old Pottery, who has this to say about our new E-Museum:

SEACS has a distinguished record of publication covering over 40 years. During these four decades, huge changes have taken place in the way people send and receive information. Electronic media have seized a central role in the lives of most human beings.

Museums were at first tentative in their approach to the internet, fearing that it would reduce their visitorship, but this has not happened. Instead the reverse effect has been observed: the more people see on the computer or their iPad, the more attracted they are to the real thing. Thus virtual museums have shown themselves to be a useful adjunct of traditional institutions.

The creation of this new e-museum opens up many possibilities for new understanding of the field. It is hoped that the website will be visited by many people who would otherwise remain unaware of the importance of pottery, a seemingly humble material, in the economic history of the region and attain a better understanding of the material culture of Southeast Asia.

Refreshments will be served, so do RSVP by 25 November 2011.
Please call Marjorie Chu, Vice-President of the Society, at: 6737 3448 to do so. Alternatively, you can write to us: Tanglin P.O. Box 317, Singapore 912411. Or RSVP by email:

Mark the date in your calendar and join us and our guests. We are all excited about this extraordinary event! Come join us!

This E-Museum has been built with the support