SEACS 55th Annual General Meeting to be held on 24 March 2024

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All SEACS members are invited to attend the society’s 55th annual AGM to be held at the Singapore National Library on Sunday, 24 March beginning at  2:00 pm, to be followed by a short break during which light refreshments will be served, followed by the annual William Willetts Lecture which will begin promptly at 4:00 pm.  We are pleased to announce that this year’s topic will be “The Nanhai Trade: Inventing the Maritime Silk Road” — A dialogue featuring Professors Wang Gungwu and Kwa Chong Guan, discussing Professor Wang’s 70- year-old MA thesis and how his views and understanding of the Nanhai trade have evolved over the last 70 years in light of the maritime archaeological evidence unavailable to him at the time–and the new studies and research that have emerged since he first addressed the topic. We look forward to an enlightening conversation between these two giants!

SEACS members who cannot attend the AGM are urged to fill out a proxy allowing President Kwa Chong Guan to cast their vote on their behalf. The form, which can be filled out and mailed in, can be downloaded here. We look forward, however, to seeing you on the 24th!

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