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A well-maintained and run newsblog started in 2006 by Dr. Noel Hidalgo Tan that tracks archaeology news in the region with links to the stories’ sources. Free subscription and an excellent way to keep abreast of new finds and studies.

An excellent introduction to the ceramics of Southeast Asia by Louise Allison Cort with George Ashley Williams IV and David P. Rehfuss. Six parts cover: An Introduction to the Collection, the Catalogue, Materials, Place, Time, and Resources. Free. Go to

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum currently holds over 300 ceramics dating from the 200s to 1900s AD. The beautiful pieces from the era of the great China Trade for one, are so coveted by Western consumers that it became perhaps the most important of trades between China and the West.  Apart from these relatively modern pieces, the museum is also home to ceramics from earlier Chinese dynasties. 

First in a series of five YouTube talks led by Prof. John N. Miksic with guest speaker Dr. Leedom Lefferts and Louise Allison Cort (Curator, Asian Ceramics, Freer and Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution)

The MUA is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2004, whose mission is to assist and promote the use of the Internet by ethical professional, student, and avocational underwater archaeologists. The site includes updates and news, including the proceedings from the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage held in Hong Kong December 2017 (with some very useful pdf’s).

New website that introduces the sites and work of regional archaeologists

The roots of the NUS Museum can be traced back to the establishment in 1955 of the University Art Museum at the then University of Malaya. The Museum’s collection was introduced by its first curator, Michael Sullivan, as a teaching collection for the University more than 50 years ago. Today, with its diverse collection ranging from classical Chinese and Indian materials to modern and contemporary Southeast Asian art, the Museum remains an integral part of the National University of Singapore. Its  excellent permanent ceramic collection covers the history of ceramics from Neolithic earthenware to modern porcelain.

A SEACS member’s blog on his ceramic collection. Very useful, well-organized text and photographs of ceramics from across Southeast Asia plus China. 

Sten Sjøstrand:

Michael Flecker:

Frank Goddio: (Turian, Desaru, and other sites, managed by Claire Barnes)

The Nautical Archaeology Digital Library focuses on European nautical archaeology but with extensive articles as well on Dutch and Iberian shipwrecks

The SPAFA Journal is the annual publication of the Southest Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SPAFA) in Bangkok, Thailand. It carries original research papers and multimedia articles on the archaeology, visual arts, performing arts, traditional arts (including ceramics), heritage conservation and cultural heritage of Southeast Asia. It is an Open Access journal and all articles are freely-accessible.