An exceptionally well-potted bowl with somewhat flattened mouth-rim decorated with 3 circular iron-black decorative bands. The centre medallion, ringed by two decorative bands, contains a well-drawn fish, its mottled body helping to camouflage 5 spur marks. All decoration is done on a cream slip. The outside wall is similarly slipped, with 3 decorative bands, but unglazed. The carved foot shows a dark-brown biscuit containing whitish granules, and has a well-defined cylindrical pontil mark on the base, the biscuit of a lighter hue within the mark. The cylindrical pontil mark is exceptional on a Sukhothai piece, and must indicate that the bowl stood at the bottom of the stack. 15C. H: 7.3 cm, D: 22.2 cm. NUS Museum S1968-0110-001-0