Angkor Stoneware Production


Dr. Ea Darith, Director, Department of Conservation and Archaeology, National Authority for Preah Vihear (NAPV) Cambodia, shares with SEACS members his findings from years of field research in Angkor and identifies two distinct periods of stoneware production.

Angkor Stoneware Production2022-07-08T14:36:57+08:00

Two new Singapore Shipwrecks: The Temasek and the Shah Muncher


Marine archaeologist Dr. Michael Flecker shares the stories and discoveries of the two historic shipwrecks recently found in Singapore waters: the Temasek (Yuan Dynasty) and the Shah Muncher (sank January 1796) enroute from Guangzhou to Mumbai.

Two new Singapore Shipwrecks: The Temasek and the Shah Muncher2022-04-07T15:38:04+08:00

Ceramics of the Musi River, Sumatra


Members of SEACS' Malaysia branch share some of the amazing ceramics recovered from Sumatra's Musi River, presented by Steven Ho Kah Hong to SEACS members and their guests on 23 November 2021.

Ceramics of the Musi River, Sumatra2022-05-26T09:45:00+08:00

New Maritime Museum opens in Fujian Province


The newly opened Shimao Maritime Silk Road Museum in Quanzhou (Fujian Province), PRC covers nearly 11,500 square meters and features more than 2,000 cultural relics ranging from porcelain to silk....

New Maritime Museum opens in Fujian Province2022-06-03T16:44:52+08:00

How Shards Talk


How Shards Talk Revealing a wealth of information to archeologists an [...]

How Shards Talk2022-01-16T09:07:17+08:00


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