Tipu’s Tiger immortalised in Clay


The story begins in the 1790s in India where the 'honourable' East India Company was struggling to maintain control....

Tipu’s Tiger immortalised in Clay2022-05-31T12:25:33+08:00

English Heraldic Souvenir Ceramics


English heraldic souvenir ware is more commonly known as ‘crested china’ and during wartime many figurines took on personas to happily 'do their bit'!

English Heraldic Souvenir Ceramics2022-05-26T10:10:37+08:00

A Modern Kakiemon Tiger


A struggle to choose amongst the thousands of exquisite ceramics in Arita, Japan, results in the purchase of a Kakiemon tiger.

A Modern Kakiemon Tiger2022-05-26T10:20:39+08:00
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