Leaping the Dragon Gate: Transitional Ceramics


Dr. Teresa Canepa and Katherine Butler introduce the results of their meticulous research of Sir Michael Butler's collection of transitional ceramics, which includes most types of porcelain produced at Jingdezhen, in Jiangxi province, during the 17th century and includes Late Ming, High Transitional, Shunzhi, Early Kangxi, Mid-Late Kangxi, Monochromes, and Famille Verte, as well as disputed pieces.

Leaping the Dragon Gate: Transitional Ceramics2023-05-15T12:38:36+08:00

Ceramics of the Musi River, Sumatra


Members of SEACS' Malaysia branch share some of the amazing ceramics recovered from Sumatra's Musi River, presented by Steven Ho Kah Hong to SEACS members and their guests on 23 November 2021.

Ceramics of the Musi River, Sumatra2022-10-30T10:47:22+08:00

Approaches to the Study of Ming Material Culture


A talk examining the art and artefacts of the Ming Dynasty with a view to exploring approaches to the study and connoisseurship of Chinese material culture, presented by Dr. Stacey Pierson to SEACS members on 9 December 2020.

Approaches to the Study of Ming Material Culture2022-06-03T16:27:01+08:00

My Tang Dynasty Court Lady: A Mingqi Figurine


Tang or a 19th or 20th-century reproduction? Follow a collector's story of her search for the answer of this Tang burial figurine purchased in Hong Kong in 2007.

My Tang Dynasty Court Lady: A Mingqi Figurine2022-05-31T14:19:36+08:00

A Tang Dynasty Changsha Bowl


The Singapore Asian Civilisation Museum's Tang shipwreck collection of Changsha bowls inspires a docent to start collecting.

A Tang Dynasty Changsha Bowl2022-06-01T17:00:44+08:00

A Sulawesi Trade Ware Collection


A collection amassed while living in Southeast Asia, primarily in Indonesia, is carefully studied and catalogued years later using a wide variety of resources. Read more here....

A Sulawesi Trade Ware Collection2022-08-13T11:41:36+08:00
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