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  • Event: 16 September 2020

    Lecture: Persian Architectural Tiles with Margaret White Wednesday, 16 September (7:00 pm Singapore time) A virtual meeting held on...

  • Kraak from the Wanli Shipwreck

    Kraak from the Wanli Shipwreck Contributed by Mathew Welch A type VIII kraak saucer, dated to c. 1625 from...

  • Hunting the Bear

    Hunting the Bear By Margaret White, Overseas SEACS Member My story concerns the purchase of a blue and white...

  • ‘Freddie’s Folly’

    By Freddie Oh, SEACS Member ‘Freddie’s Folly’ (Large 17C Vietnamese blue-white fish dish reproduction. Catfish swimming among water plants...

  • NweNyeinPotteryVillage

    A Modern Burmese Chicken-headed Ewer

    Contributed by Patricia Bjaaland Welch, SEACS Life Member and President (2017-2020) My contemporary Burmese teapot ...