Angkor Stoneware Production


Dr. Ea Darith, Director, Department of Conservation and Archaeology, National Authority for Preah Vihear (NAPV) Cambodia, shares with SEACS members his findings from years of field research in Angkor and identifies two distinct periods of stoneware production.

Angkor Stoneware Production2022-07-08T14:36:57+08:00

Angkorian Stoneware Production


Dr. Ea Darith introduce the latest Angkor ceramic discoveries based on 20 years of laboratory research and intensive excavations. To download the programme flyer, click on the programme title. His recorded presentation is available online to SEACS members.

Angkorian Stoneware Production2022-07-16T13:33:18+08:00

Khmer-China Connections in the 9th-14th Centuries


Dr. Sharon Wong investigates the possible technological transfer of ceramic production between Angkor and China during the 9th to 14th centuries looking at two distinctive ceramic products: covered boxes and roof tiles. A SEACS programme held on 25 February 2022.

Khmer-China Connections in the 9th-14th Centuries2022-05-27T17:35:27+08:00

A Khmer Discard


A scholar of Khmer ceramics discovers a 1000-year old Khmer pot underneath under a shelf in a village marketplace stall.

A Khmer Discard2022-06-06T13:25:38+08:00


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