Secrets of Ceramics Unveiled with Dr. Vidya Schalk

Secrets of Ceramics Unveiled with Dr. Vidya Schalk

2 – 3:30pm, Saturday, 9 July, 2016
Imagine in Library@Orchard
Orchard Road

For centuries, Chinese ceramics have led the world in their technological sophistication, fascinating emperors, scholars, collectors, connoisseurs and students alike. What gives porcelain unique qualities that make it so universally interesting and versatile? What secrets does it hold? 

Join Dr. Vidya Schalk, Ph.D., as she takes you on a fascinating journey to demystify the world of clays, glazes, firing conditions and all things that make porcelain so alluring. 

Dr. Vidya Schalk is an author, a speaker, and a member of the South East Asian Ceramics Society (SEACS), in addition to being a docent at several museums in Singapore, including the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). Prior to moving to Singapore, Vidya was a cancer biology research scientist at the Oregon State University. She maintains a life-long fascination with porcelains, a topic she explores in depth with a scientific and historical perspective to help better understand this fascinating subject..
This event is open to SEACS members and their guests.
Free admission but registration is required. Please register at the site under Arts Programmes

Held in conjunction with the National Library Board