Dr. WENG Yanjun (Director, Jingdezhen Ceramic Archaeology Institute) and Dr. LI Baoping (Research Associate, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford) and an upcoming 2022 SEACS programme speaker, have recently published a new volume, New Finds of Yuan Dynasty Blue-and-White Porcelain from the Luomaqiao Kiln Site, Jingdezhen: An Archaeological Approach. Rose Kerr has called it “important archaeological findings from an exceptional kiln site” and Teresa Canepa concurs with “The archaeological finds from the Luomaqiao kiln site published in this book are of great historical importance for scholars, collectors, and students who study porcelain production at Jingdezhen in the Yuan dynasty.” Superb photographs and an easy-to-read text. Published by Unicorn in London where Dr. Li has arranged a discount for SEACS members of GBP 10 off the list price until 30 June 2022. For the discount, type in code BLUEANDWHITE at checkout of Unicorn the publisher, website here. (The handling/postage is costly near £20, but remains the same when multiple copies are ordered.)