Where to find Ceramic Museums and Collections

A Traveller's Guide: Where to find ceramic museums and collections

This is a page we hope to grow over time, dedicated to helping ceramic-loving travellers find ceramic museums and collections wherever they may find themselves. The listings are all personal contributions by our members and friends. Some have been published previously; others were written exclusively for this page, hence the varying formats and ‘voices’. If you’d like to contribute a short article about a relevant public ceramic collection or museum you are familiar with, please let us know (use the CONTACT tab). 


Itinerary of historic kiln sites and museums in Fujian and Jingdezhen

The Jinjiang Museum (Qingyang), Quanzhou Maritime Museum, Dehua, Yueji kilns and contemporary art centre, Jiangxi Provincial Museum, Imperial Ceramics Museum (Jingdezhen) and the Hutian Kiln Museum




The Asian Civilisations Museum

Official website