Chinese Exported Ware: A Fragment Reminder of Muslim Merchants’ Influence in Late Ayutthaya

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Join Pim Bisalputra and Jeffery Sng as they explain how a type of seventeenth-century CE Chinese export ware to Southeast Asia casts new light on external influences in Siamese court culture. The motifs and patterns in some examples mark a departure from earlier wares embodying strong Chinese characteristics. The appearance of atypical patterns, such as Buddhist symbols and motifs, together with Islamic and Indo-Persian stylistic influence is puzzling. This talk argues that such Chinese export ware represents early made-to-order porcelain by the Buddhist Siamese court of Ayutthaya, and may help collectors who stumble upon such pieces in museums or collections, understand their origins. This programme will be held on ZOOM. Details will be mailed to members in advance.

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