Given the recent interest in B&W ceramics as a result of the discovery of the Yuan shipwreck now known as the Temasek Wreck off the island of Pedra Branca, Singapore, readers may enjoy reading about the B&W ceramics that have been excavated in Trowulan, Indonesia. In a hard-to-find book, Professor John N. Miksic has authored an essay entitled Research on Ceramics Discovered at the Trowulan Site in Indonesia, published by the Southeast Asian Studies Program, NUS and the Asian Archaeological Team of Senshu University, Japan in 2010. It begins with a brief review of the history of the Majapahit empire and continues with a description of the many Chinese ceramics that have been found there, and are even today still being uncovered in Majapahit. Click here to download his essay. To download Part II on the collection of Trowulan B&W Chinese ceramics given to NUS as a result of the study, click here.