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Visit to the Hall of the Phoenix and Peony

4pm Saturday, 15 September 2018
2 Pierce Drive
Singapore 229684

SEACS members are invited to visit the Hall of the Phoenix and Peony and special attention will be paid to its Porcelain Gallery, which houses a Peranakan porcelain collection. Peranakan porcelain is defined as ‘porcelain commissioned by the Peranakans or made for the Peranakan market’.

SEACS members might enjoy learning that the first exhibition and book, which the West Malaysian chapter of SEACS published, was curated by William Willetts in 1981 and featured Peranakan porcelain (Nonya ware and Kitchen Ch’ing).

About Hall of the Phoenix and Peony

The Hall of the Phoenix & Peony (丹鳳堂), which houses the collections of Peranakan porcelain, silver, gold and brass works, silk, metallic thread and beadwork embroidery for the Peranakans from the Straits Settlements (Penang and Malacca) and Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), is a beautiful Penang-style mansion located in Singapore. The Hall of the Phoenix and Peony is also an on-going project dedicated to the study of the Peranakan material culture. Although Peranakan material culture is relatively young, it has not been well studied. It is hoped that this project will lead to proper definition, research and documentation of the Peranakan material culture in conjunction with the study of Peranakan social culture. Researchers, academics and serious collectors are welcome for discussion and possible collaboration in any research activity pertaining to the Peranakan material culture.

This event is strictly limited to SEACS members and a maximum group size of 12. Since SEACS had previously organised a visit to the Hall of the Phoenix and Peony, priority will be given to those SEACS members who have not had the opportunity to view the Hall’s wonderful collections. If a SEACS member would like to bring along a family member as a guest, he/she will be placed on a wait list and SEACS will notify the member of the space availability by 13 September.

This SEACS members-only event will begin promptly at 4pm and end at approximately 6pm. The venue is 2 Pierce Drive, Singapore 248591. Members may park along Peirce Drive. Space is limited so attendees must RSVP to seacs.secretary@gmail.com by Monday 10 September. Confirmations or wait-list status will be sent by return email and strictly on a first-come first-serve basis.