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On Facebook, you can post your pictures and interact with other members, connoisseurs and amateurs of Southeast Asian ceramics. Like us now!
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The next step forward in the Society’s endeavour to expand awareness of this blend of unique technology and art. - Prof. John Miksic, Head of the Archaeology Unit, Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, ISEAS
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A splendid survey book - John Guy, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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We've just created a Facebook page here, and uploaded videos to our YouTube channel. Join us!

The Southeast Asian Ceramic Society’s purpose is to widen appreciation and acquire knowledge of the ceramic art of China and countries adjacent to China, especially those of Southeast Asia. We regularly hold talks by experts and get together to study and compare ‘pots’. Read more about us here and check out all our events.

In 2012, the Society reinforced its online presence both through the E-Museum of Southeast Asian Ceramics (read 2011's post-launch report here) and the digitisation of some of the Society's publications. We're very excited about putting these out-of-print publications online, so check back often!

And all past news and events can be viewed here.

This website is constantly being updated, so do let us know via email if you find any bugs, or if you just have any comments or questions in general.

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